The following recommendations are offered to help you become a more knowledgeable consumer.
It is our belief that knowledgeable consumers make better service purchasing decisions.

Window Cleaning Service 101  

1. Take the time to learn about the service you are considering purchasing.
2. Ask for the advice of local experts.
3. What should the service cost?
4. What is typically included in the service?
5. What level of training is typically required and is the service a licensed service by your state
     contractor’s license board?

6. Does the service provider offer references? Check them out!
7. For services above $1,000.00 work –
     out payment schedules that you can monitor and see so that you pay as the work progresses.

Are you insured? 

 Yes, Dutch Touch contractors are insured and bonded. C.O.I is available upon request. 

What if it rains after you clean my windows? 

 We offer a 4 day free rain touch up. You must call us with in 4 days after we complete your job.  

I have light carpets and I am worried about the cleaners staining them. 

Our window cleaners do not wear shoes in your home or they wear protective booties inside. 

Do you bring your own equipment?  

 Yes, we bring all of our own supplies & equipment. 

My windows look foggy, and there is water vapor in between the panes can you clean that?
If the fog is in between the panes it is a defective window and it can not be cleaned.

I have hardwood floors, how can I be sure they won’t be scratched by your ladders?
We are very careful with your floors. Our procedure is to put a pad under the ladder, to prevent the ladder from slipping and scratching the floor.

My screens are connected to our security alarm system. Are your window cleaners familiar with alarm systems?
We are experienced with security screens & should be able to reinstall them.

Can I check your references?
We will gladly provide references and recommend that you always check references for any one who will be doing work in your home or office.

Do I need to be home during the window cleaning?
We would like all first time clients to be around while we do the inside of the windows, but it is not mandatory. If the property is vacant no one needs to be present.

Do you have weekend appointments available?
Yes weekend appointments are available.

What is your cancellation policy?
Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled by giving us at least 12 hours notice Appointments cancelled or rescheduled with insufficient notice are subject to a $40.00 cancellation fee.